Friday, June 3, 2016

Patagonia Wader Review

This year Patagonia decided to re-engineer their waders from top to bottom. With improvements such as: 4-layer fabric, a streamlined fit, updated gravel guards and the Wader Task Force specifically created to continually improve design, this new line of waders are on the top of our list.

Two of our guides were given a pair of Gallegos II to put to the test. Here is what they have to say:

Chris Cantrell: The Taos Fly Shop

My first impression stepping into them was that they fit exceptionally well.  In the past I have had a hard time finding the perfect fit because I am tall and thin and have had to compromise comfort in the chest with either too much or too little room. Although the suspension system took a little while to get used to I ended up loving it, especially now with the warmer weather approaching I have been wearing them as pants and find that all the features are still accessible even when worn as such. The interior pockets for boxes are well designed as is the fully waterproof interior pocket for cameras and phones. My only critique is that at times the waterproof pocket can be hard to close. The newly designed rock guards are superior. The elastic around the bottom along with the sticky band along the inside grips the boots and make them stay in place.  The kneepads are a bonus and make netting and releasing fish more comfortable for the guide and the merino wool lined booties are warmer and they come off easier than neoprene. At the end of the day I feel secure in that they are backed by the Patagonia Ironclad guarantee although I doubt I will need any repairs as I have already put 25 hard days into them without fail. Overall the design, fit and quality is exceptional and I would absolutely buy another pair.

Peter Mosey: The Reel Life

            I have put these waders through the extensive wringer of guiding and professional fishing. First off, I am hard on gear. I am not the weekend warrior and I do not sit in boats. Most trips that I take are in the 3-5 mile range and I traverse brushy, thorny canyons loaded with sharp everything. I expect my gear to hold up and in the case of these waders I was impressed. I could instantly tell the quality when I stepped into them.

            The H2NO waterproofing worked perfectly. It kept me dry and yet they were breathable so I was not sweaty at the end of the day even though I was hiking long distances. The convertible drop down is a great feature. I did find that the straps were a bit cumbersome and hard to get into and out of. The knee pads are awesome, genius really. For those of us that fish spooky waters, this feature is a godsend. The interior pockets are well thought out and I find that I used them in conjunction with my pack, which is something that I have never done before with other waders. The warranty is the single strongest feature and in my opinion separates these waders from all other waders that I have owned.

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