Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to Ease the Winter Fishing Blues

When the snow starts to pile up and the outdoor temperature gauge produces numbers in the single digits that is the signal for many of us that the fishing season has come to an end. While there are a die-hard few who don’t mind frozen fingers and icy guides, the majority of us must now face the winter fishing blues. Here are a few suggestions on how to battle those blues when tight lines are found only in our dreams.

1.     Tie Flies
The winter is the perfect time of year to re-fill half empty fly boxes. We recommend you start by building a fire, pouring a whisky and putting on your favorite record. If you need inspiration the internet is an unparalleled resource for learning new patterns. We also have a library of tying books at the shop that you can come in and browse. If you have never tied a fly but want to start we can help! Remember, every fly you tie is a future fish.

2.     READ!
When is a better time to catch up on fishing related reading material than when you are housebound and the snow is piling outside your door? Again, we recommend you start by building a fire, pouring a whiskey and putting on your favorite record. Books, blogs and magazines on fly fishing abound. Whether you are looking to learn a new technique or just want a story that whisks you away this is the time of year to do it. Lord knows we won’t be caught reading when the hatches are coming off the water in sheets.

3.     Watch Fishy Films
As the sport of fly fishing continues to gain popularity so has the act of making films about it. With wearable and flyable technology that allows us to go higher and deeper than ever before, the ability of the tech savvy everyday angler to capture the essence of the sport is getting scary good and the internet is full of killer videos ranging from small clips to full length movies. Of course there are the classics, who doesn’t love A River Runs Through It, but there are a plethora of other films out there to be discovered, both story driven and instruction based. Again start by building a fire and pouring that whisky, leave the record player off for this one…

  Here are some websites that will help get you going:

              Charlie's Fly Box 



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