Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crazy- Awesome-Epic Fishing on Rio Grande RIGHT NOW!!!!

The conditions have all come together for a "perfect storm" of dry fly fishing on the Rio Grande.  The weather will dictate the fishing.  Today we had cold cloudy weather and the BWO"S came off in huge numbers and the fish were all over them.  The day before was sunny and warm and Caddis came off in huge numbers in the afternoon and the fishing was awesome.

Click Link below to see video
Caddis Hatch


  1. heading out in like 5 minutes, appreciate the headsup & encouragement! mike

  2. 8am Sunday, no caddis representing from Embudo Station thru Orilla Verde. Swung back thru Embudo Station at 6pm, found smattering of caddis on the rocks, in the willows. Water temp measured 53d @ 6pm, things should be busting out all over the racecourse area this week. Get on out there!


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