Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Taylor’s fly fishing forecast for week of June 15—21

Cimarron—had great fishing with Stoneflies and good flows and then they shut the water OFF---like gone. A regular environmental catastrophe because all those insects, and trout, were in very prime time.

The Rio Pueblo near Tres Ritos has been fishing well and flows should be good this week. Use a  good float dry in 12-14 and a 16 bead head nymph. Trout are small there however.
Rio Grande is still too high and dirty to fish.

Rio Hondo is full of water and decent fishing (although the upper portion is snow water and still cold).

Los Pinos is in excellent condition and hatches are prolific (PMD during midday and all sorts of mayflies and caddis in evenings)

Rio Pueblo de Taos has a low fish count at present due to the last few year of low water.

Rio Chama above El Vado is prime right now and we have been seeing some big browns.  But before you go hire a guide as the river wont give them up easily!

Conejos—probably prime about end of month, looking forward to Stoneflies and Green Drakes.  We now have 3 different stretches of private water there!  Call us quick as the best time for fishing on the Conejos (june 25 thru July 10) also is our busiest  time of year.  We have few openings so call quick as you don’t want to miss some world class dry fly fishing for big trout!

The Rio Grande is still high but some fish can be caught along the edges.  Better fishing to come as soon as the water drops.

The Red River is just about fishable.  The lower river will be decent with dry dropper riggs.

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