Sunday, June 22, 2014

You shoulda’ been here Now! June 23-2014

If you had to guess when the best fishing week of the year is—end of June should be your  1st choice. And it looks like this will be the case this year. This is when runoff is winding down and no matter how hot the weather, the water is still cold. Insects of every description—including mosquitoes—abound. What’s just as important is that most  fisherman miss the boat on this and will be planning their trips to fish when the water is too low and warm in midsummer.

But on to the meat of the matter and my fishing forecast for end of June...

Rio Grande is high and a little dirty and we are pretty well conditioned to think of it as poor fishing under this circumstance but our ace guide Ron had his client catch browns up to 19’ on the 21 st by fishing San Juan Worms in rather shallow water on the edges of riffles. This was in the lower river by county line.  Nick Fished John Dunn bridge for 30 min today and caught a half dozen, and not-so-new Chris took a big cutbow on a dry after work today.  Stoneflies, Caddis and drakes all coming off…

Embudo south of Taos is a optimum levels. It will be running too low by July 1 so get there quick and it won’t be much good midday because it will be too warm.

Rio Chama above El Vado Lake had excellent fishing recently but will be too low by end of the month. There are large trout in the system! 

Chama below El Vado is at very fishable level (150 cfs )and might be good in between high flows.

Costilla Creek north of Taos is running high but levels are dropping. Don’t forget opening day on the Valle Vidal is July 1.

Los Pinos is where we have taken a lot of guide trips lately and super fisher Lanny Voss and his boys caught a bunch of trout with Brain the other day including an 18 bow. Insect hatches are profuse (as are the mosquitoes). Go there and camp so you can fish in early am and then just before dark. There are a lot of stockers but many wild trout as well.

Cimarron flows are a bit low and stoneflies were hatching well a week or so ago but that is likely about over. Look for PMD hatch mid am

Conejos  super guide Brian Spilman had one of his clients land a measured 23 inch brown the other day on the private water we use there. Levels are still bit high and the Green and Brown drakes have yet to show so look for incredible fishing around July 1. (If u call us for guide trip be sure and book this in advance. There is also a new private section of this river that we have access to.)

 The shop is fully stocked with new product but is also in the process of clearing out some discontinued inventory.  The new Patagonia aluminum bar boots are due to arrive by July 1.  We believe so much in these boots that we are letting customers demo the current rock grip aluminum bar boots for free!  Come in and ask to try a pair for your next trip.  You will not regret it!

-Taylor Streit

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